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It Aways Is @ Gallery r8m Cologne, Germany Fri.Jan.13, 2023

Nelleke Beltjens is interested in the philosophical implications of the actual, of what is versus our necessarily incomplete interpretations of reality. She sees life as a process, an opportunity and possibility to lend resonance or relevance to what otherwise might be encountered as an overwhelming meaninglessness. At its best, art invites us to look more closely and carefully - to potentially translate that process back into our broader perceptions, which are indelibly colored by or predicated upon prior expectations, experiences, or long-held dogmas. As Dr. Gabor Maté says, “we don’t respond to what happens but to our perception of what happens”. Life is a possibility to see what is. It Always Is.

Exhibition @ Kunstverein Projektraum Bahnhof25, Kleve, Germany

2 person exhibition with Nelleke Beltjens Marga Knaven Nov.5 – Nov.27, 2022 Bahnhofstraße 25, 47533 Kleve, Germany – Text by Heiner Frost. Mehrwert Am kommenden Samstag, 5. November, wird um 17 Uhr eine Ausstellung mit Werken von Nelleke Beltjens und Marga Knaven eröffnet und es sei gleich gesagt: Das Hingehen lohnt sich – das Hinsehen […]

Farbmalereipositionen – Niederlande @ VfaKR Oberhausen, Germany

28.08.2022 – 16.10.2022 Farbmalereipositionen – Niederlande Zur Ausstellung „Farbmalereipositionen – Niederlande“ Im Jahre 1994 stellte der Verein für aktuelle Kunst / Ruhrgebiet (VfaKR) erstmals einen niederländischen Maler vor, bei dem die Farbe Material und Thema seiner Arbeiten war. Es handelte sich um Jo Heijnen, auf dessen Ölbildern ein oftmals dicker, wulstiger Farbauftrag regelrechte Kraterlandschaften entstehen […]


Saturday June 5 opening at SCHLESSART in Bergen (NH) the Netherlands: TRANSPARANTE RUIMTELIJKHEID / TRANSPARENT SPATIALITY 3 person show with: Jose Heerkens, Nelleke Beltjens, Bart Kelholt Sat.June 5 - Sun. July 4th , 2021 Opening: June 5, 2021 4pm - 6pm (16:00 - 18:00) Artists will be there! Opening speech by; Joke J. Hermsen Adress: Voert 18A   Bergen (NH) the Netherlands   +31648978442

MULTILAYER/Vision at Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest, Germany

MULTILAYER/Vision 20/20  is curated by Ivo Ringe and Juliane Rogge M.A. On view at RAUM SCHROTH at the Museum Wilhelm Morgner from Oct.11, 2020 till Jan.10, 2021 With works from Hungary, Great Britain, Serbia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, the USA and Germany, MULTILAYER Vision 20/20 will travel as a touring exhibition – after […]