PRESENTLY exhibition at Galerie JoLi

“Presently” is the title of the new exhibition at gallery Joli in Urmond. On display are works by Sarah Walker (US), Thomas Kemper (DE) and Nelleke Beltjens (NL). Between these three artists, clear differences can be seen in terms of formal language. What is interesting is that they fit together so amazingly well and complement each other. All three artists achieve complexity in their work that in the end nevertheless show a calmness and an extremely precise state of realization. That realization is irreversible and not pre-planned. What they have in common is a process-oriented way of working. A complicated process which Wassily Kandinsky once described as “inner necessity”. A working method that is about taking responsibility and having trust. The works in the exhibition are colorful, complex, daring for the viewer, and breathe great depth. While looking, the process can be discovered and felt, making the viewer an active part of this exhibition.